Apple launches New Data Protection Features

Apple launches New Data Protection Features

In this digitalised world, protecting the user’s privacy and sensitive data it’s imperative for any big company. And as threats to user data become more and more complex, coming up with new, improved characteristics is the first step to fighting against these threats.

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Earlier this year Apple announced the launch of new important security features which will provide users with more protection for their communications and data.

1. iMessage Contact Key Verification

iMessage is Apple’s messaging app that already protects the messages with an end to end encryption, which means that these can be only read by the sender and the recipient. The new aspect brought by iMessage Contact Key Verification is the fact that users (especially those facing greater digital threats, such as members of the government or journalists) can choose to further verify who they are messaging with.

2. Security Keys for Apple ID

This feature is meant to strengthen Apple’s two-factor authentication with a hardware security key, which uses public-key encryption to authenticate the user.

3. Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

Advanced-Data Protection is Apple’s most elevated level of cloud data security, which uses end-to-end encryption for data from different devices via iCloud.


Enhanced security for data protection is top on the list for many important enterprises and Apple has taken important steps towards it.

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