Free IT Audit

Free Audit of your Computer Network

IT Audit

All our prospective Clients benefit from a free IT Audit…

A Free IT Audit?
Is this a salesman in disguise?  No!

Unless we carry out a full IT Audit within your Company, how will we truly understand your needs, and how else would we be in a position to quote you exactly the right price?

There are three main stages to your free IT Audit…

Review Meeting

First of all we need to understand your requirements, your current issues and what you would like to improve.

This meeting is also a great oppurtunity for you to get all the free advice you can handle (many IT Support Companies will charge a consultancy fee for this)

Complete IT Audit of your Network


Physical on-site Audit

An IT technician will look into your whole IT infrastructure including laptops, computers, servers, network switches, routers & cabling etc.

We will pay particular attention to the current reliability of your network including security, data backup, system maintenance, capacity and resiliance.

We can even have a quick chat with your staff to see if they have any computer questions or issues that need dealing with

Follow up meeting and report

We will present you with our findings and advise you of any immediate threats or weaknesses that you need to be made aware of. We will show you any possibility of improvement and also how we think we will save you money!

There is always a way to improve, save money, and be more productive.

Book a free IT Audit today with one of our specialists, we can usually book an appointment within a day or two.

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