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Time for joined up computers?

Smaller businesses or offices usually make do with a few independent computers and a usb memory stick to share files around the office. OK this does the job to a certain extent but it’s time consuming insecure and not really ideal.

Setting up an office network, sharing files and printers doesn’t really take much time to configure and won’t cost you much money for us to put in place.

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Get Connected!

Is it time to get a server installed?

Why didn’t we get one sooner? Why have we struggled along all this time without a server? It’s all so much easier!

These are the sort of comments that we get after installing a server for a company that hasn’t had one before..

The main benefit of having a server is the safety and security of a centrally managed IT system that can report almost any abnormality before it causes an issue. Just about anything can be monitored and reported, from a virus trying to break in, to an employee trying to take the company database, even down to deciding which employee can visit which website.

Any level of file access or employee usage can be defined to suit your exact company requirements.

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