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Lose your data – lose your Business!

That sounds a bit extreme doesn’t it?

43% of Companies that suffer a major data loss will never re-open! So if your business relies on your data for its day to day running, data like contact database, accounts stored on the computer, contracts and the like – losing it all could be the end!

It doesn’t cost a fortune to ensure your data is safely backed up every working day with offsite backup, and it’s no good backing it up every month unless you could afford to lose a month worth of data?

Small Business Data Backup Solutions?

Call us, help is here!

Some companies have a backup in place but have never tested it. Now this is probably worse than not having a backup at all. We have known at least one company to be happy with their backup for the past two years but every day it created an error and never once completed a usable backup – luckily it was never needed.

If your company could work as normal tomorrow morning after losing all your data then you may get away with no backup. If you think it may cause an issue, we need to deal with it today!

There are many ways of backing up your data and the one we recommend is online backup. Every evening your data is encrypted and sent off to a remote data centre over the internet, we manage it so we know if it ever fails or doesn’t complete. If you lose a file it can be downloaded in no time.

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