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IT Systems Security?

Business IT Security Professional

Are you certain your computers are safe?

A lot of companies are making do with cheap or even free anti virus software. Now apart from the fact that free is usually for NON commercial use only… it probably won’t keep you safe.

Viruses can get up to all sorts of no good including stealing your bank details, deleting databases or contacts or even emailing all your clients.

Business class IT security isn’t actually all that expensive, and considering what it can save you, it works out cheap. Call us today for a quote and a 30 day free trial.

Spam Email Issues?

We can stop 99% + of spam email!

There’s no reason for you or any staff to be wasting time sifting through emails, sorting the good from the bad. Call us today to stop spam dead and take a free 30 day trial.

Can a hacker gain entry to your company network? Can an ex-employee? How would you know? We would… and we can keep them out!

Can the admin staff see the payroll files? Can the receptionist see the Director’s personal files? Are you sure you’re secure?

There are many issues that can affect the security of your computer network and the sooner we look into it, the sooner we can make it safe.

Nearly every Company that we come across are just a few clicks away from an IT nightmare!

Call us today & we’ll get you secure:
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7) Every server that we install gets 1 month PLATINUM IT SUPPORT, so any teething problems whatsoever as a result of the install will be priority & resolved FREE OF CHARGE

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