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What level of Computer Support do we need for our Business?

It’s hard to know what level of Support you’re going to need for your business computers until you start to get issues.

Some Companies need the security of a complete Computer support contract that covers any eventuality.

Some Companies just want their computers and servers maintained and pay for any problems as and when they arrive.

Some Companies like a tailor made computer maintenance service with a fixed amount of hours included for IT support.

And some people just tip toe past the server hoping it will never go wrong if they just ignore it, but we all know that the longer it’s left – the bigger the problems are likely to be!

Our business computer services and support come as tailored as you require, call us today with your requirements for an affordable quotation

Small Business IT Support Company, UK

What do we need?… Computer Maintenance at least!

If you have a small Company of around five employees, with a server and computers that are less than a year or two old – all you are likely to need is monthly maintenance. You probably won’t need much in the way of IT support for the first year so why spend the extra money? Our maintenance only contracts come with free remote support and free telephone support anyway so if we can sort any issues out remotely, there will be no extra cost.

As the Company gets bigger and/or the IT equipment gets older, it makes sense to include a set amount of hours for IT Support call out and this can be as many hours as you require. This works out cheaper as you are paying monthly and gives you a better way to manage your IT budget.

A full maintenance & support contract is available to anyone and you can upgrade to this at any time. We will tailor this exactly to meet your requirements so you’re not covered for a service that you don’t need and you are covered for everything that you do!

Monthly rolling contracts are available to clients that just want maintenance agreements, these can be terminated with 30 days notice if required.

Call us today on 01689 422522 to discuss your IT Support options, or fill in the form and we’ll call you

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5) If you’re unhappy with your IT Support contract and you want to stop for whatever reason, just tell us and your fee will stop IMMEDIATELY

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