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Complete IT Support for just a simple monthly fee!

If you prefer total peace of mind and just want one IT payment each month with everything covered, a fully inclusive IT Support package is perfect for you.

Whatever happens we take care of the labour charge… With a fully inclusive IT Support contract we take care of anything that goes wrong (excluding failed hardware)

Your IT Support budget won’t give you any surprises as we’ve got it covered, a simple monthly payment and peace of mind if things go wrong!

Fully Inclusive IT Support!

Just a phone call away!

A fully inclusive IT Support contract is fantastic value for money if you generally need a fair amount of IT Support call outs to your business throughout the year.

Depending on the nature of your business and even the age of your IT Systems you may need a lot of labour time spending to keep everything running smoothly. Your previous years IT spend will be a great place to start to see if you would benefit from an all inclusive IT Support contract.

If you would like us to spend an hour or so to talk over your IT requirements Call us today on 01689 422522 & let’s start saving!

If you would prefer Maintenance only or even a tailored made solution including a set number of hours included per year, call us to see what great deals we can offer you or we can call you back at a time to suit you…

Guarantee no: 4
4) If we say it’s fixed and the problem comes back – we will come back and fix it again for free or give you a FULL refund

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Data backed up?
Don’t be a victim of DATA LOSS If you have data on a server or computer and it’s not properly backed up and tested regularly you need to be concerned!

If you lost all your Company Data tonight, would your business survive without it?

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