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IT maintenance saves money!

Servers & Computers are fine all the time they’re running properly, right? But what makes them go wrong and become unreliable? Most of the time, issues are caused by poor or non-existent maintenance & we see this a lot.

What’s the point in spending money maintaining our computer systems, they work fine at the moment!

If your server died tonight, would you be able to operate your business as usual tomorrow? Small system errors lead to bigger errors and a few errors lead to lots! Eventually the system crashes and depending on how big the issue is – you may be back up and running in a few days (if you’re lucky)

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Computer & Server Maintenance

Prevention is cheaper than cure, Fix it before it happens!

With a proactive maintenance plan in place, the chance of your server(s) or computer systems failing is reduced hugely. All our maintenance plans come with FREE monitoring, a daily report will be sent from your server to our technicians every morning, and any critical alert will be sent to us as soon as it happens. This is the only way of finding and resolving issues before they become business stopping nightmares!

We also monitor any virus and/or spyware activity which sends us an instant alert ensuring the fastest possible removal of any threat that may gain entry to your systems.

If your server is not maintained, sooner or later it will cost you and it could be a fortune. Call us today or send us a message to find out what we can provide and how competitive our charges are.

Computers become slow if they’re not maintained and that costs your company money as your staff are sitting around waiting for something to happen. Computer maintenance from £8.00 per month.

Guarantee no: 2
2) If we can’t fix it, you don’t get a bill! – even if we spend all day trying to resolve your IT issue, if we’re unable to fix it, you pay NOTHING

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IT Advice
Five minutes advice over the phone to help you make a better informed decision won’t cost you a penny but could help you save a few quid!

Most Companies benefit from a full IT assessment to see where they can make savings and with the current economic climate we could all do with saving money You may want to know if there is a software that can do a job for you in half the time or you may want your staff to work from home… Ask us what we can do to help.

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