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What is Computer Monitoring, and how will it save my Business money?

Have you ever wished that you knew about something before it happened?

Computer monitoring is the most basic part of a Managed Service but certainly not to be under valued!

From as little as £2 per month we can monitor your computers and inform you of any potential issue that may occur.

Have you ever known a hard drive to fail? You don’t get any warning, they just stop and your data is gone! If you had a monitoring agent installed on your computer, we can inform you of hard drive issues, anti virus not updating, a defragmented hard drive or even a lack of memory.

Call us today to find out what we can monitor on your computer and keep you one step ahead!

24/7 Server Monitoring

Your server’s issues probably affect your whole Company!

Servers ideally need a 24/7 Monitoring, Maintenance and Support contract.

Sometimes a full support contract is just not an affordable option for Business and for this reason we offer a “Monitoring Only” service.

Our monitoring only service starts at just £40 per month and for this we will monitor your critical services on your server and critical programs, we will also monitor for any critical updates that need to be installed.

We will email you notification of what our monitoring server has found and then you can either ask us to resolve the problem or you are free to sort it out by yourself.

This is a very reasonable way of keeping informed of critical issues with your server and having a technician on hand if you require our support services.

If you have one server and say 10 desktop computers and 2 laptop computers, than our basic monitoring will cost you just £64 per month – is that the best value peace of mind that you’ve ever been offered?

We can install this service remotely and same day – so give us a call before we realise this is far too cheap and increase the price!

Guarantee no: 1
1) We’re NEVER late! – and if we are then you get a pound back for every minute that we’re late… 30 minutes = £30 – – 1 hour = £60

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