IT Support With Inclusive Hours

Part Inclusive IT Support

Server Maintenance Technician

Part Inclusive IT Support…

A Monitoring and Maintenance IT Support contract with a few hours on-site included.

Most businesses require a technician to be called out at some point and our Gold IT Support package comes with exactly the right amount of on-site support for your requirements.

You’ll know from past experiance just how much on-site IT Support you require from one month to the next.

With our Gold IT Support you get 24/7 monitoring or your server and/or computers, maintenance as and when needed and also you get a pre set amount of hours of on-site support.

Gold IT Support for Business

Monitoring 24/7 & Maintenance with Support!

We will monitor your server 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

We will carry out all maintenance requirements as your server requires it.

A Technician will come out to your Business Premises when you require them!

When you purchase support hours as part of a Gold Support contract, you will benefit from a discount compared to paying on an hourly basis (ad-hoc)

You can choose as many add-on hours as you require per month.

If you prefer, you can purchase hours per quarter (need to be used within 3 months) or even hours per half year (need to be used within 6 months)

Whatever your support requirement, we have a tailor made solution with outstanding value for money.

Guarantee no: 3
3) We reply to voicemails promptly – If you leave a voicemail message and we don’t get back to you, you will get an hour of our time for FREE

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