Don’t forget to update Chrome, Windows and Zoom among others

Don’t forget to update Chrome, Windows and Zoom among others

In today’s world, we shop online, stream movies and even hold our meetings online. Therefore, system security is mandatory to protect our devices from vulnerabilities and safety breaches.

No software is flawless or bug-free and the main reason behind every security update is to patch existing bugs. If you are looking for IT support in London, we can make sure your PC is updated and protected from vulnerabilities.

This past October, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Zoom released the newest fixes and high security patches

1. Chrome emergency update

This was released by Google in early October about a vulnerability regarding the V8 JavaScript Engine. Chrome 106 was also released to fix serious system vulnerabilities.

 If you are unsure how to update your Chrome, our IT Company in Kent is here to help and keep your PC secure.

2. Zoom client meetings

We spend approximately 4 hours/per week in meetings, which is up to 30% of our time. To resolve a high-security issue in its client meetings, Zoom released new patches and enhanced its security feature. Among other things, this malware could lead to session takeovers, so it’s important to have the latest software version on your device.

3. Apple ios 16.1 update

Apple released the latest iOS 16.1 and iPadOS with many security fixes which addressed around 20 vulnerabilities.

To read more about the new security patches released by Google, Apple or Zoom, you can check out the following article:

If your PC needs a software update and you are looking for IT services in Kent, look no further: our team is here to give you the assistance you need and make sure your software is safe from any security breaches and has the updated version installed.

Contact us today for expert computer support!

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