Free iPad with IT Support

Our Gold and Platinum IT Support contracts
come with a free iPad


iPad or chocolates, what will it be?

Here’s the deal….

If your IT Support contract is up for renewal, within the next 3 months, why not consider our outstanding services?

We’re confident that we can offer you a better service and for less than you’re paying now.

If we can’t offer you a better service, we’ll wish you luck and send you a big box of  Thornton’s chocolates… Mmmm yum.


If we can offer you a better service and at a better price, and you sign up for our Gold or Platinum Support we’ll give you an iPad mini as a welcoming gift.


The only conditions are:

  • Your business has at least 1 server and 5 computers or laptops
  • Your business is located in London or Kent
  • You want a better deal and a better service with your IT Support

Send us your details via the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

We will go over every aspect of your current IT Support and carry out an audit on your entire IT network.

Only after we completely understand exactly what you require for IT Support will we be in a position to offer you the best value for money IT support available.

So fill in the form now before all the iPads have gone!

Free iPad or Chocolates

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