Free IT Support

Free IT Support!

Yes we know it’s crazy, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

…but there is such a thing as FREE IT SUPPORT


We will give you one hour of free IT Support to resolve any issue with a server, a computer, a laptop or a network device.

What is the catch? There is no catch, it’s just our way of tempting you to try our outstanding IT Services.

So many businesses that we come across and take on as new Clients tell us of the nightmares that they have experienced over the years from poor IT Support Companies. The strange thing is that they stick with these companies hoping that they’ll get better next time they call them out.

We’ve put 9 guarantees in place to make sure that you get exactly the service that you demand. We’re talking about your business IT here, and most companies start to lose money the very moment that anything IT starts to fail.

  • A couple of hours without email, what does that cost?
  • Total loss of internet, that’s serious!
  • Lost files that were not backed up properly, that’s costly!
  • The server going bang, and no disaster recovery plan! Everyone take the week off!

Register your company for FREE IT Support now, we can only give away a limited amount of hours per month and even if you don’t need any help today you’ll have an hour of support sitting in the bank ready to go

The only conditions are:

  • Your business has at least 1 server and 5 computers or laptops
  • Your business is located in London or Kent
  • You want better IT Support than you’re getting

We can only give away a limited number of free hours per month, so fill in the form and we’ll email you back to let you know when your free hour is available from. It will remain valid for 3 months.

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