Frequently Asked Questions

Is a free anti-virus program ok to use for my business computers?

NO! Would you trust a really old delivery van to supply your best Clients if someone gave it to you for free? No because sooner or later they wouldn't get their delivery
Any small or medium sized business needs a Business Class Anti-Virus, otherwise sooner or later you WILL get a virus and it WILL cost you a lot of time, money and aggravation
If a virus brought all your computers to a halt, could you still look after all your Clients needs? Would your reputation remain intact?
A Business Class Anti-Virus that is monitored by us 24 hours a day - 7 days a week will cost you pennies per computer per week
Yes Just Pennies!

Is there any point in computer maintenance? we've never bothered before!

More and more Business owners are finally realising that computer maintenance is one of the best value for money expenses that they have, and that running a computer into the ground and never carrying out any maintenance is up with the worst of them in the "false economy" list
Our computer maintenance is carried out weekly and it is carried out remotely so there are no expensive visits from the IT People!
And, for just 2 quid a week, we even monitor your computer system for failure as well
Yes, computer monitoring and maintenance for just 2 quid a week. And, if you're thinking that you don't get much for 2 quid, how can they do it for that? We have invested a great deal in the software that takes care of most of the work and we do look after a huge amount of computers
Enterprise level computer maintenance for small business price

Why do we need a backup? We have some stuff on a USB stick!

If I could only convince you of one thing, it would be to ensure that you have a daily data backup which is monitored daily and tested regularly
The cost of a secure offsite daily data backup is so small compared to losing your documents, contacts, accounts and any other required files
43% of businesses that suffer a major data loss, never re-open! Could your business cope with losing all your data?
A lot of small businesses don't actually have a great deal of data and it's surprisingly cheap to backup
If we could back up all of your data every day, monitor that the back-up completes, and it only cost you £30 a month - could you possibly find any other safer way of doing it cheaper?

What are Managed IT Services, what is Managed IT Support

Different IT Companies seem to offer different "managed" services but to us, a managed backup service for example means: we install the backup software, we select the files to be backed up, we monitor that the files have been backed-up every day, if there is an issue then we deal with it, if you need a file restoring, we do it for you!

You don't need to know anything about it, all you need to know is that the restored file will be there if and when you need it.

All our managed services mean we completely take care of everything, and you get on with your job.

Do I need to go on a monthly contract for IT Services?

No you don't have to go on contract at all, you can call us out when you need us and pay as you go and this is probably the most cost effective solution for businesses that don't heavily rely on their computers
An IT Support contract or Maintenance Agreement is however a far more cost effective solution if your "computers run your business" and you can't do without them!
Any contract means that your computers will be maintained weekly, we will be able to access your computers in seconds with remote support, you get discounted call outs. Plus our technicians will have a complete detailed, & thorough understanding of your entire computer network which will hugely reduce any downtime you may suffer

What are your payment terms?

All monthly services are due on the first day of the supported month, so support contracts, data backup, managed anti-virus, and all managed services.
All project work is payable by milestones with final payment on completion
Non-inclusive call outs are payable within 30 days for account Clients
All other invoices are due on completion

What are your hours of business?

Officially our business hours are 8:30am - 5-30pm but there is usually someone in the office at 7:30am and until 6:00pm
Support out of hours is also available and contact information is available on request

What are your response times or Service Level Agreements (SLA)?

Depending on your location and type of support contract, you will either get a within 8hour, 4 hour or 2 hour call out service
At quiet times it is not unusual for a business that have a guaranteed 8 hour call out to see a technician within 30 minutes
We know you're having a quick panic if your computers are down and we'll be there as quickly as we can
Telephone support and remote support is usually within a few minutes 90% of the time