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How will Hosted Exchange help my Business?

Hosted Exchange Email can save a lot of Companies a lot of money but there are a few situations where it’s not the ideal choice.

This would suit a Company with a small number of staff who needed shared calendars, the ability to share inboxes with chosen colleagues, share contacts and where the business didn’t have the budget to purchase and maintain its own server. Or if the Company simply chose not to purchase and maintain its own server.

Also great for larger Companies that wanted the same options with contacts, tasks email and calendars BUT we would need to consider the internet speed if you have a lot of staff and deal with a lot of large files by email, you will need a strong internet connection. If you had a slow internet connection and 60 users were trying to access emails at the same time it could prove painfully slow and a bad investment!

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Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010 Online

What is Hosted Exchange?

Firstly What is Microsoft Exchange? It’s is a software running on a server that takes care of all your emails, calendar, tasks and contacts and it is usually presented to you via Microsoft Outlook.

Exchange can either be installed on a server in your own premises or it can be Hosted in a Data Centre just like almost every website that you look at, websites are also hosted in data centres.

From a users point of view, whether it’s hosted (in a data Centre) or on a server (in house) that user will get the same usability.

Hosted Exchange is charged for on a per user basis and currently £4.99 for the popular option per month.

If you had 60 users, you would be paying £299.40 per month! (less than the cost of maintenance and support for an in-house server) We could certainly arrange a meeting with you to discuss your cheapest option…

This is usually worked out on the cost over a 3 year period. Remember with the Online version you don’t need a server to purchase and maintain and it’s not sitting there consuming electricity 24 hours a day!

If you’d like a free trial or further information, please visit our dedicated Exchange website at Hosted Exchange 2013

what are they saying?
Thanks for this, it all just works and it’s so easy to use and the instant sync is impressive. I’d recommend this to anyone!

Davis Mills Recruitment
I’ve got to say that I never thought this email program would be so good and being able to open staff email from my outlook is saving so much time

Q A Construction
We have never paid for emails before, just being a small business we didn’t see the point, it just goes to show that sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing out on, this exchange is terrific

Sally Hughes


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