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Domain Names…

We can register your chosen domain name (website address) and manage it for you.

If you don’t already have your own domain name, then get in quick and register it today before someone else does!

Quite often you will hear of someone wanting a domain name that represents their company name but it’s already been taken.

Domain name dealers quite often look at new Companies House registrations, go and buy the related domain name and then give you a call and offer you the domain name for a greatly inflated price.

It’s usually wise to register your domain name before you register your Company Name at Comapnies House.

Let us take the hassle & tech terminology away – let us register and manage your domain for you.

Website Hosting

Do you need cgi? will you be using php?
Shared or Dedicated?

This is just frustrating nonsense talk if you don’t understand what it means!

There are many different types of web hosting and many different options associated with them.

With our fully managed web hosting, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You just tell us what kind of website you have or want and we will supply the exact hosting to suit your needs and if you change your mind later then we can change any part of the hosting to suit your requirements.

If you prefer, you can get your web disigners to call us direct and we will supply exactly what they ask for.

As all of our website hosting is fully managed, we deal with any issues that could occur throughout the year. We even setup your email accounts on demand and usually resolve any problems before you even know about them!

So for the complete stress free, and trouble free way to host your website, call us on 01689 422522 – or send us a message or email via our
contact page.

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6) If you find a better deal for your DATA BACKUP and want to leave us, just tell us and we’ll refund your last month invoice

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Data backed up?
Are you absolutely certain that your Company data is safely backed up and data loss would not cripple your Business? Don’t be a victim of DATA LOSS If you have data on a server or computer and it’s not properly backed up and tested regularly you need to be concerned! If you lost all your Company Data tonight, would your business survive without it? Even if you have data backup in place, when was the last time you tested it and tried to restore data from that backup? Let’s get it tested TODAY…
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