Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services – Enterprise Level IT Support at Small Business Price

Managed Workstations
Complete management of your desktop and laptop computers.

Managed Workstations is an easy cost effective way of monitoring all vital components of your computer network. It offers a 24/7 computer health check giving us an early indication of issues that are about to happen.

For example: if the anti-virus had been disabled or the virus definitions had not been updated, our monitoring centre would be immediately notified and the problem resolved without delay.

Without such a system in place, a virus would have been free to get into your computer which means a few hours of disruption and downtime not to mention an expensive repair bill.

Managed computer services are simply far more cost effective for business than
“fix it when it breaks”

Managed Networks
Complete management of your server(s), workstations and network devices.

Managed Networks gives you the complete peace of mind that your entire computer network is being looked after.

Data backup is monitored and checked daily, anti-virus is checked constantly throughout the day, hard drives are checked for issues… it’s just all taken care of and if there is an issue, we know about it in the fastest possible time.

In the event of an issue with your server or with a computer a notification is sent to our monitoring centre and also to a technicians mobile phone.

Many issues are fixed automatically by our management software and for free. Where any issues can’t be fixed automatically, a technician will be looking into it in the fastest possible time. 

Managed Email
The ultimate email solution, total security, never get a virus & never lose an email.

Managed Email is your unbreakable email solution!

On average, business productivity is reduced by between 25% and 50% when their email is down. Do you have email continuity if your main email server died?

Managed email offers you:

  1. Total protection against any email based virus
  2. Quarantine of spam email with a digest of quarantined emails up to three times per day
  3. Cloud based continuity allowing you to email when your main email server is down
  4. Email archiving which keeps a secure copy of every email ever sent or received.
Managed Continuity
A solution to keep your business going when computers fail & go wrong.

Managed Continuity, keeping your business running.

If there was a fire or flood in your building or if your main server(s) were stolen do you have a plan in place to get working in the fastest possible time?

Depending on how quickly your business would need to be back up and running in the event of a disaster, there are a number of options available to you. Even if your business could not afford to wait 1 hour, we have a solution to suit your requirements.

Many small businesses have no plan in place whatsoever, they just hope it will never happen to them! But it might! With no plan in place there is a small chance you will be back up and running in 1 week if you still have your company data.

If you don’t have a complete backup of your company data, you might be closing the doors for good.

Managed Continuity

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