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Your computers will simply work!

It’s impossible for an IT Company to guarantee that you will never get a problem from your computer network, but we intend to get as close to a guarantee as possible.

If the quality of your IT maintenance is kept to a very high standard, downtime should be close to zero.

Most IT Maintenance Companies will insist on you signing up to a 1, 2 or even a 3 year contract and they’ll probably tell you that you’ll get a better deal because of it…

All our IT maintenance agreements are offered on a 1 month rolling contract. We would prefer you stayed with us because we excel at what we do and not just because we’ve tied you in for years with a signature!

Guaranteed to fix it…

No charge if we can’t!

With most of our computer problem solving we offer GUARANTEED RESULTS or NO CHARGE – this means that if we are unable to solve a problem, you don’t pay!

We will not spend all morning working on your computer or server, only to tell you that it can’t be repaired and then give you a big bill.

There are some situations where it is not possible to offer this guarantee and we will always advise you up front. DATA Recovery is one example.

Our goal is to keep looking after our Clients for as long as they’re in business, of course we don’t want them to go elsewhere so we do all we can to ensure they have the best service and value for money.

Treat your computer network to a wonderful service.

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Guarantee no: 9
9) If we haven’t already covered it, tell us whatever other guarantee you would like us to put in place

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Data Backed up?
Don’t be a victim of DATA LOSS If you have data on a server or computer and it’s not properly backed up and tested regularly you need to be concerned!

If you lost all your Company Data tonight, would your business survive without it?

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